Fresh Software for your Pet Care Business
With PetReserve, you and your customers can make and manage reservations online. You can validate vaccination records, track charges and take payments, and understand how your business is doing. PetReserve works over the web, on any device, with nothing to install and no computers or software to manage.
Online reservations with immediate confirmations
Customers can check availability and make their own reservations with immediate confirmations right from your website.
Personalized customer experience
Personalize your website with a customer account page that lets your customers see and manage their information in one convenient location.
Deep insight into your business
An up-to-the-minute dashboard shows you which reservations need attention, and detailed historical reports help you run your business.
Manage all documents online
Customers can sign contracts and upload documents such as vaccination records online from any device.
Modern, touch-enabled interface on any device
A refreshing, modern look for both customers and employees that makes them more productive on today's devices.
No-hassle deployment
Access every feature anywhere, anytime, and from any device. No need to install and maintain software or backups, or to deploy firewalls or VPNs.
Customers can reserve online
Keep your customers happy! It’s easy for them to book boarding, daycare, grooming, and other reservation types, and it’s faster for you since you’re not typing in their data.
  • Customers see real-time availability, and get immediate confirmations.
  • Once customer information is in PetReserve, it doesn’t have to be re-entered, so the next reservation takes only a few clicks.
  • Upcoming reservations are easy to change. Past reservations are filed for quick access.
Documents are stored online, securely
  • Customers and employees can upload vaccination records—directly from a smartphone or tablet if they like. A pre-boarding checklist lets customers know what documents are needed.
  • Expired vaccinations are flagged before a reservation is confirmed.
  • Online click-through contract agreement simplifies contract management.
Free yourself from data entry
Right from your website, your customers can click to view their account.
  • Customers can manage their own pet, payment and account information. Employees don’t have to bother with error-prone data entry.
  • Pet photos personalize the experience.
  • Customers see all current and past invoices, and (if you like) they can pay online.
  • Authorized employees can access customer accounts using the same clean interface.
It’s easy to see what’s going on
PetReserve’s up-to-the-minute dashboard shows at a glance what’s going on today: who’s in-house, who’s arriving, who’s departing, and who needs what services.
  • Ensure that all reservations are ready to go when customers come in.
  • Get proactive notification of reservations that need attention, like expired vaccination records or credit cards.
  • Detailed customer data helps you understand your customers and grow your business.
Stay in touch with your customers
Keep your customers engaged with automatic email notifications and on-demand mailings.
  • Automatic reminders of upcoming reservations with pre-reservation checklists.
  • One-off emails to customers as needed (for example, customers with upcoming reservations, customers who haven't been here in a year, customers with pet birthdays this month).
  • Customizable report cards let your customers know how their pets are doing.
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